Stadium for Austin is a movement to support a Major League stadium in our hometown.

Why a Major League stadium

It’s our turn

Austin is the largest metropolitan city in the United States without a Major League sports franchise. This venue can be the house for Major League Soccer, the best chance this city has for a Major League sports franchise.

Population Growth

Current populations of both the City of Austin (900,000) and the Greater Austin MSA (2,000,000) will see consistent & significant population growth over the coming decades.

Opportunity Arises

Austin is a bustling town with a lively entertainment core. With a Major League stadium in Austin, the city will also have a strong multipurpose facility for structured, high-capacity outdoor events.

Supporter Culture

Austin is home to a dedicated and growing base of supporter groups for U.S. and Mexican national teams, Austin’s professional soccer team the Austin Aztex, and groups cheering on professional clubs from around the globe.

Youth & Amateur Soccer

More than 25,000 registered youth players as well as well-organized adult leagues and tournaments throughout Austin.

Pro Tournaments

Austin becoming a destination for U.S. & foreign pro clubs / “friendly” tournaments including an MLS pre-season tournament organized by Aztex in 2015, and matches involving Chivas Guadalajara and other top Mexican pro teams in 2015.

Soccer TV Ratings

Austin regularly ranks among top-10 U.S. markets for games involving the US national team (ESPN) and is also ranked 10th highest market for World Cup Hispanic ratings (Univision).

How to help

Give a kick, join the cause!
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Stadium for Austin is a grassroots movement to bring awareness to Austin as a Major League city in need of a Major League venue. If you would like more information about how to help the cause, just submit your name and email address and we'll keep you informed about upcoming meetings, events and initiatives. Beyond all of the current events in Austin and all of the future events a major venue could help secure, Austin is the largest city in U.S. without a Major League sports team. We deserve a venue as great as our hometown. Join us and we can help make a stadium in Austin a reality. Give a kick. Join the cause and tell a friend.

Give a kick, join the cause!

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